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Enhancement Log

This list was compiled as an aid to our existing customers. We will update the information below when any of our products are changed.

Below is a list of enhancements and changes to our products.

Updated March 23, 2007.

Current Releases:

Remote Backup Organizer™ for Windows 1.2.0701
Batwatch™ for Windows 1.3.0601


Remote Backup Organizer™ for Windows


Release 1.1 PTF 0000:

  • Combined Listen Subports. Administrators will not need to define a subport for each remote system that wants to send into the local system. All subport processes will be handled under a single Data Support.

Release 1.2 PTF 0000:

  • Removed Data Subports. Administrators will not need to define a subport. All subport processes will be handled under the main port number.

Problems Corrected:

  • Rel PTF Description
  • 1.0 0000 Spelling errors in Help Text

  • 1.2 0701 Displays, browse directory functions, environment's current dir changed to selected directory.

  • 1.2 0701 Product Admin display, make error field larger.

  • 1.2 0701 Help-About, Display Text Reverse Image until user clicks on it.

BatWatch™ for Windows


Release 1.3 PTF 0601:

  • Added File Check Function. Users can place the BatWatchFileChk.exe program into their streams, which can check for file attributes for problems. Many applications do not give the stream any indication (error level, etc.) that they did not finish correctly, but looking at the file that the application processed can indicate a problem.  File existence, last create date, and size can be inspected to determine if the application finished correctly.

Release 1.2 PTF 0000:

  • E-mail attachments. Users have the option to send file attachments when sending e-mail.
  • NTBackup log. A special Attachment File name of *NTBackupLog tells BatWatch to send the most recent ntbackup log file as an attachment.

Release 1.1 PTF 0000:

  • E-mail via Sockets connection. Users have the option to use native programming in addition to the Microsofy CDOSYS feature when sending e-mail.

Release 1.0 PTF 0501:

  • Registration process streamlined. Users do not need to open ports to register the product.

Problems Corrected:

  • Rel PTF Description
  • 1.3 0601 (Enhancement) added UOM on time and size messages (sec, MB, etc.)

  • 1.2 0504 BatWatch Server, intra-task messages may receive connect error. Retry attempts added.

  • 1.2 0504 BatWatch Manager, test SMTP connection, invalid address format, no error message displayed.

  • 1.2 0504 BatWatch Manager, Register Product, spelling errors corrected.

  • 1.2 0503 Send E-mail via Connection, connection error causes unhandled exception in GetStream function.

  • 1.2 0502 Send E-mail, Attachment File error, send the message with a warning instead of stopping with an error.

  • 1.2 0501 BatWatch cmd, internal error logging not performed.

  • 1.2 0000 BatWatch Manager, test SMPT mail, Domain Name *LOCAL, no substitution occurs.

  • 1.1 0000 BatWatch Manager, test SMTP connection, errors occured.

  • 1.1 0000 Send e-mail, more than 2 addresses in each category (To, CC, or BCC) caused error.

  • 1.1 0000 E-mail addresses, more edit checks performed.

  • 1.0 0501 Settings lost during update to new release.


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