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You can download and install any of our software products for a 30-Day Free Trial. Each download is the full-feature version of the software. Once installed, the software will run for 7 consecutive days. You must contact us sometime within those seven days for your 30-Day activation code. If you would prefer that we mail you the 30-Day Trial via U.S. Mail, click the Button below. If you decide to purchase the software, contact us for an invoice.  
(**If you are a current Broderick Data Systems customer looking for software updates to download, please click on the PTF link above**)

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Product Name Prerequisite OS/400 Version Size Description Current Release
Remote Backup Organizer for IBM i™ V7R2M0 8 MB Complete Product 2.0 2401
Spool PDF Overlay/400™ V7R2M0 12 MB Complete Product 1.2 2401
SpoolOrganizer/400™ V7R2M0 34 MB Complete Product 5.7 2402
E-mail Utilities/400™ V7R2M0 10 MB Complete Product 1.3 2401
Remote SpoolPrint/400™ V7R2M0 8 MB Complete Product 6.2 2401
FileXfer/400™ V7R2M0 6 MB Complete Product 5.2 2401

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