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Broderick Data Systems

Spool PDF Overlay/400

  • Overlays
  • Images
  • Multiple Fonts
  • Barcodes
    • MSI
    • UPC (A, E, 2, 5)
    • Code 3 of 9
    • Interleaved 2 of 5
    • Code 128
  • Graphics Codes
    • Lines
    • Line Types
    • Patterns
    • Fill
    • Color

Integrates With:

  • SpoolOrganizer/400:
    • Monitors
    • Bundles
    • Email
    • Display/Print
    • Optical

  • E-mail Utilities:
    • Email a Spool Entry

  • User Applications


Spool PDF Overlay/400™ will create IFS files in Adobe PDF format from spool entries. Spool entries containing images, multiple fonts, and Overlays (containing images and multiple fonts) are supported. Thus the user can use PC products to generate overlays, merge the overlays with iSeries reports such as Invoices and Statements, and generate PDF’s to give to their customers. The generated PDF files can be placed in the iSeries IFS area or on networked PC disk drives.

SCS and AFPDS data streams are supported. Front and Back overlays, each containing multiple images and fonts are supported. Multiple fonts (AFPDS) are supported. JPEG, IBM MMR, CCITT (fax) and other image compression techniques are supported.

Common graphics commands including Lines, Patterns and Fill are supported. Options such as Line Types and color are supported.

Barcodes can be placed on the overlay. MSI, UPC (A, E, 2, 5), Code 3 of 9, Interleaved 2 of 5 and Code 128 Barcodes are supported. Options including astrisks and text position are supported.

Spool PDF Overlay/400 can be utilized by other products from Broderick Data Systems. The other product, if specified, will use Spool PDF Overlay/400 routines instead of product routines to create the PDF, then process the PDF as if its product routines created the PDF. The following products fully support using Spool PDF Overlay/400 to create PDF files:

SpoolOrganizer/400™: The Spool Organizer product can use Spool PDF Overlay/400 to create PDF files in all of its PDF-creating functions, Monitors, Bundles, Email, Display/Print, andOptical.

E-mail Utilities™: The E-mail Utilities product can use Spool PDF Overlay/400 to create PDF files in its spool-related PDF-creating functions, Email a Spool Entry.


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