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  • Familiar Save/Restore Interface - Commands similar to IBM Save and Restore commands.
  • Automatic Backup - Your files will be backed up automatically at the day and time you specify.
  • Multiple Systems at once - Multiple transfers can be occurring at the same time.
  • Fast, Low-Cost, Diverse - You can inexpensively add a fast additional backup media type to your strategy.
  • AES (Industry Standard, Strong) Encryption - Remote Backup Organizer optionally encrypts its data during:
    • Data Communications
    • Disk Operations
  • CRC checks - CRC checks/retries are performed during the following tasks:
    • Data Communications
    • Disk Operations
  • Cloud Backup Features:
    • Auto Purging
    • Full Or Initial/Changes
    • Storage Areas/Groups
    • Retention Periods
      • Number Days
      • Number Months
      • Number Years
      • Number Copies
      • Month, Quarter or Year End
      • Permanent

Display Features:

  • List Saved Libraries
  • List Objects
  • List Spool Entries, File Members
  • Show Attributes
  • Restore Libraries, Objects, Directories
  • Restore to Same or Different Location
  • Security - Only authorized users on authorized systems can display and restore data.



Remote Backup Organizer for IBM i will automate and enhance your iSeries application backup strategy. It will allow you to perform backup functions to remote systems, spreading out and diversifying your backups. Multiple Backup instances can be easily managed across multiple remote systems. Using Remote Backup Organizer for IBM i, the Administrator can build their own Personal Cloud for their backups. Remote Backup Organizer for IBM i save and restore functions call IBM save/restore APIs, and provide the same command user interface and function as base IBM Save and Restore commands (i.e. SAVLIB, RSTOBJ). Remote Backup Organizer for IBM i display functions allow the user to display save functions and restore objects from them.

Remote Backup Orgnizer

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