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Remote SpoolPrint 3X/400

Printer Passthru To/From S/3X, AS400 and To S/370

▪ Automatically transfers spool file entries to remote systems.
▪ Supports multiple printers in each remote system concurrently.
▪ Totally automatic, transparent to the user.
▪ Retains Job Name and User attributes.
▪ Supports TCP/IP between AS/400s
▪ S/38, AS/400: Activates monitor instantly when output arrives.
▪ S/36: Program monitors printer IDs every few seconds.
▪ Works with display station passthru.
▪ Also supports MVS and VM. ▪ Optionally logs transmitted entries for tracking and accounting purposes.
▪ Can be started automatically at IPL.
▪ Does not need S/36 ICF Base Communications feature.
▪ Fast, efficient and reliable.

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