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Compare BDS ISAM DB® Editions
Feature Edition
Standard Professional
Access method Download Download
     Indexed Yes Yes
     Sequential No Yes
     RRN No Yes
Data Types    
     Int16, 32, 64 Yes Yes
     String Yes Yes
     Decimal Yes Yes
     Byte No Yes
     DateTime No Yes
     ByteArray No Yes
     Boolean No Yes
     Multiple Fields per Index Yes Yes
     Automatic Balancing Yes Yes
     Multiple Indices No Yes
     Ascending/Descending Order No Yes
     Duplicate Keys No Yes
File and Record Locking    
     File Access/Share Options Yes Yes
     Locks, Lock messages Yes Yes
     Adjustable Wait Times No Yes
Status Information    
     Boolean Indicators Yes Yes
     ErrNum and ErrStr Yes Yes
     RRN Yes Yes
     DupKey Index Yes Yes
File Maintenance Utility (EditData)    
     Retrieve a Record No Yes
     Change/Delete a Record No Yes
     List Records No Yes
     Seq, Keyed, RRN Access No Yes
Version Management    
     Data/Software Versioning Yes Yes
     Application Versioning No Yes
     Data Encryption No Yes
File Attributes    
     > 1000 Records per file No Yes


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