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AFP Overlay DesignerBDS

BDS AFP Overlay Designer®


BDS AFP Overlay Designer® is a simple, powerful tool for designing Overlays. It is designed to make very precise and clear AFP overlays, without the fuzziness of print drivers. The generated AFP file can be imported into AFP mainframe servers such as the iSeries or S/390. AFP Overlay Designer provides the following features:Download

BDS AFP Overlay Designer provides the following features:

  • WYSIWYG designer area
    • Drag and Drop
    • Visual Display
  • Object Types
    • Images
    • TextExample Screen
    • Grids (Box, Line, Shaded)
  • Zoom 50% to 3000%
  • Rulers and Grids
    • Horizontal and Vertical
    • AFP Units or Inch/Cm
  • Load and Save Specifications
  • Display in AFP Units or Inch/Cm


  Sample Screen. Click to see full display.

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